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And that’s really the perfect exit. The Tektron goes for less than half of what competing monos in-house just then demanded. It rolls 2.5V, 4V and 5V type direct-heated triodes. It adds a parallel option for twice the power. This spans from 1.5 to 22 watts. It has twin volume pots which double as balance control. It has three line-level inputs. It uses three tube rectifiers rather than far cheaper transistor diodes. It adds proper hum pots, one per channel. It comes in various wood species and allows customers to specify certain parts like the vital output coupling capacitors.

That gets quasi bespoke. There’s earlier referenced anecdotal evidence from a friend whose ‘amplifier cemetery’ is filled with exotic often ultra-costly competitors which didn’t make the final cut. He called Tektron 95% of what’s possible for 5% of the price. There’s valve-savvy Pawel Derkowski who chanced upon Tektron via a LampizatOr customer only to sign up as Attilio Caccamo’s Polish importer.

It all adds up big. With thanks to Pawel for letting me play with his personal amp plus sending me lots of expensive tubes to experiment with, I now consider myself properly recalibrated. Tektron clearly are up there. If you own speakers in the vein of our Cube Audio Nenuphar, there’s excellent reason why low-power triode amps are so popular. Hearing is believing.

– Reviewer: Srajan Ebaen–