We love tubes, the first and still best audio amplification devices. Hence all our tube amplifiers have the following characteristics:

  • high efficiency transformers

  • NOS, rare and always selected tubes

  • more benign overload and distortion behaviour

  • simpler but purer and effectiver hard wired layouts

  • high quality components like Roederstein resistor and paper/oil capacitors

  • solid wood cabinet, wooden plinths are build with seasoned Mediterranean timber with several different types of wood to choose from

  • copper or brass top plate

  • efficient online technical support by email granted worldwide

With more than 35 years experience restoring and repairing antique radios, we now built Hi-End audio devices with heart, soul and passion, bringing the best out of NOS and modern production of tubes: meticulously handcrafted, visually stunning, truly affordable and ultra reliable, to reach the highest audio performance possible.

Attilio Caccamo, Tektron CEO, AES member n. 77583


All our products are certified for the following compliance

Lee de Forest

the inventor of the Audion vacuum tube, the triode