Hard wired, tube only, pure music.


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Only class A layouts and the best and rarest tubes to reach the perfect first stage amplification.

Our top class no compromise equipment line.

From the refined single ended triode to the effortless power of the best push-pull designs.


The all-in-one classic solution to spare space and optimize the sound performance.

The basic-but-premium solution to reach the Hi-End heaven.


Lee de Forest,

the inventor of the Audion

vacuum tube, the triode


We love tubes, the first and still best audio amplification devices. Hence all our tube amplifiers have the following characteristics:

  • high efficiency transformers

  • NOS, rare and always selected tubes

  • more benign overload and distortion behaviour

  • simpler but purer and effectiver hard wired layouts

  • high quality components like Roederstein resistor and paper/oil capacitors

  • solid wood cabinet, wooden plinths are build with seasoned Mediterranean timber with several different types of wood to choose from

  • copper or brass top plate

  • efficient online technical support by email granted worldwide

With more than 24 years experience restoring and repairing antique radios, we now built Hi-End audio devices with heart, soul and passion, bringing the best out of NOS and modern production of tubes: meticulously handcrafted, visually stunning, truly affordable and ultra reliable, to reach the highest audio performance possible.

Attilio Caccamo, Tektron CEO, AES member n. 77583









All our products are certified for the following compliance

Reg. Naz. Prod. IT08010000000065



Contact Information

General inquiry info(at)tektron-italia.com
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Phone +39 335 6693597
Fax/Voice mail +1 530 4303929 (INTERNATIONAL)

Registered Office

Piazza Gen. Di Brigata Luigi Sapienza, 18
95030 Sant'Agata Li Battiati CT Italy

VAT N. IT02835780871
Albo Art. 76405
REA 191336
Reg. Naz. Prod. IT08010000000065
Reg. CONAI 11536648/1999

To apply for a distributor role in your country, please send a cover letter together with info contact to sales(at)tektron-italia.com

Let's talk! +39 335 6693597

In compliance with the Italian laws in force regarding the right of withdrawal, the timing is set at ten / 10 days from the receipt of the article. Always in compliance with the laws in force, if the article proves tampered with, opened or improperly used, the legal guarantee would lapse and every intervention would have to be estimated and regularly billed. It is always important to specify according to the current regulations that the right of withdrawal / rethinking CANNOT be applied for purchases / sales / transfers between companies and / or professionals. The right of withdrawal / reconsideration CANNOT be applied also in the case in which the ordered object has customizations / finishes on customer request, such as the choice of a wood and / or a technical variation.  The Court of Catania will have jurisdiction over any dispute.  |  In ottemperanza alla leggi italiane vigenti riguardo la facoltà di recesso, la tempistica è fissata in giorni dieci/10 dalla ricezione dell'articolo. Sempre in ottemperanza alle leggi vigenti, se l'articolo risultasse manomesso, aperto o impropriamente usato, la garanzia legale decadrebbe e ogni intervento sarebbe da preventivare e regolarmente fatturato. Si tiene a precisare sempre secondo le normative vigenti che il diritto di recesso/ripensamento NON puo' essere applicato per gli acquisti/vendite/cessioni tra aziende e/o professionisti. Il diritto di recesso/ripensamento NON puo' essere applicato anche nel caso in cui l'oggetto ordinato presenta delle personalizzazioni/finiture su richiesta del cliente, come ad esempio la scelta di un legno e/o una variazione tecnica.

Orders and payments: Normally, both for end customers and for companies, orders must be paid in advance on invoice/receipt date . For orders over € 5,000 to facilitate end customers and companies, a 50% advance deposit is required and ready-to-ship equipment requires the full balance of the invoice and / or receipt. In case of non-fulfillment by the final customer and / or company that does not want to pay, for any reason, the remaining amount / balance of the invoice and / or receipt, the deposit paid will NOT be returned, but retained entirely by us as a partial compensation and the ordered appliances will NOT be delivered but retained by ourselves.

Ordini e pagamenti: Normalmente sia per clienti finali che per aziende gli ordini devono essere pagati anticipatamente a data fattura e/o ricevuta fiscale. Per ordini superiori a 5.000 EURO per agevolare clienti finali e aziende si richiede una caparra del 50% anticipata e ad apparecchi pronti prima della spedizione si richiede il saldo completo della fattura e/o ricevuta fiscale. In caso di inadempienza da parte del cliente finale e/o azienda che non voglia pagare, per qualunque motivo,  il rimanente importo/saldo della fattura e/o ricevuta fiscale, la caparra pagata NON  sarà restituita, ma da noi trattenuta interamente a titolo di parziale risarcimento e gli apparecchi ordinati NON verranno consegnati ma trattenuti da noi stessi.

Per qualsiasi controversia è competente il solo Foro di Catania.


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