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Auric Illuminator

Auric Illuminator

Auric Illuminator improves the audible and visible playback quality of all optical discs. Developed as an advanced optical resolution enhancement, Auric Illuminator is incredibly effective.

Auric Illuminator will help your disc player retrieve all the available data on your discs at the right time. Auric Illuminator allows the laser pickup to track the disc more accurately. It also improves discrimination of the exact beginning and end of the reflective and non-reflective areas on the track. You haven't really experienced the true potential of digital formats until you see and hear the results of one treatment on a CD, DVD, Laserdisc or SACD. The subjective experience is greatly enhanced by Auric Illuminator.

Price: 40.00 Euro / each

Prices excluding tax & VAT - Prezzi esclusi di tasse e IVA.

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