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Audience A3 driver

Audience A3 driver
Audience A3 driver

High Output Full Range Loudspeaker Driver

The Audience A3 is a breakthrough full range loudspeaker driver design comprising the patented XBL motor, patent-pending suspension and patent pending basket. The A3 has an exceptionally flat response from 40Hz to 22Khz with very high power handling and dynamic range. The A3 is built like a high power sub woofer driver using a large neodymium motor structure, big voice coil and suspension venting. The A3 is ultra responsive at 2.5 grams total moving mass providing state of the art resolution and dynamic range. The A3 sports 12mm of usable excursion with less than 1 dB compression at levels up to 95 dB SPL.

Full Specification

For additional information please visit: http://www.audience-av.com

Price: 180.00 Euro / each

Prices excluding tax & VAT - Prezzi esclusi di tasse e IVA.

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