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Nixie tube clocks Cartridges AEC-London

All tubes are tested with care and come with full warranty except for "open filament" defect

KR Tubes

Tube type Notes Price/each Price/pair Picture
KR PX-25*Pair selected-630.00 EURview
KR 300BPair selected-650.00 EURview
KR 300B BalloonPair selected-700.00 EURview
KR842vhdPair selected-750.00 EURview
KR 300BXSLPair selected-750.00 EURview
KR 845MPair selected-1000.00 EURview
KR T-100Pair selected-950.00 EURview
KR 211Pair selected-850.00 EURview
KR PX-4*Pair selected-650.00 EURview
KR T-1610Pair selected-2.990.00 EURview
Marconi "R" Valve (TM)-190.00 EUR380.00 EURview
KR 2A3Pair selected-550.00 EURview
KR 274 A or BPair selected325.00 EUR650.00 EUR-
KR 5U4GPair selected325.00 EUR650.00 EUR-
KR 3APair selected-630.00 EUR-
KR 05Pair selected250.00 EUR500.00 EURview
KR 45Pair selected-500.00 EUR-
KR KT88/6550Pair selected-300.00 EUR-

KR PX-4 and KR PX-25 available also in UF-4 style British base
KR PX-4 e KR-PX25 sono disponibili anche con zoccolo UF-4 Inglese.

Prices excluding tax & VAT - Prezzi esclusi di tasse e IVA.

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