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Antique tube radios

Marconiphone V1

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Year & Country of Manufacture: 1923 United Kingdom.
Features: Perfect condition, never restored, working perfectly, all original. Very rare!
Finish: Wood cabinet perfect condition.
Power Supply: n.2 Battery: 1,5V filament and 60V anode (not supplied)
Principle: TRF with reaction (Regenerative).
Loudspeaker: Headphone only (Supplied upon request).
Range: 200 - 550 Khz (M).
Notes: This is the first commercial radio built from Marconi Co. This radio is very rare and hard to find in this complete condition. The set is inclusive of very rare tube DER type nos and set of original connector.

Price: 6.000,00 Euro

Emerson UV5-375

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EMERSON mod. UV5 - 375

Year & Country of Manufacture: 1934 USA.
Features: Perfect condition, restored, working perfectly, all original. Very rare!
Finish: Wood cabinet perfect condition.
Principle: Super-Heterodyne.
Loudspeaker: Electro Magnetic Dynamic.
Power Supply: 105-130V
Range: 200 - 550 Khz (M).
Notes: Wonderful incision. Very rare radio. Hard to find in this beautiful condition. Diagram copy included.

Price: 600,00 Euro

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