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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tektron provide any warranty?
Yes! Tektron products have the advantage of a full warranty.

What does the warranty cover?
The warranty includes parts and labor for all Tektron products supplied complete and assembled. The warranty does not include shipping charges. Should any customs duties or taxes be applicable, these are the responsibility of the equipment owner.

Are there any exclusions?
The warranty does NOT extend to tube filaments or other damage caused by improper use or mishandling.

What about my Tektron kit?
For products supplied in kit form, Tektron will provide free technical assistance via email at support@tektron-italia.com. We will answer within 24/96 hours.

What if I open my equipment?
Any warranty given will be null and void if there is any evidence of unauthorised use, repair or other tampering. Please contact us FIRST if you have any questions or problems. The warranty periods from date of purchase are as follows:

How long is the warranty?
For amplifiers and similar equipment the warranty period is THREE (3) years, unless otherwise specified. For antique and vintage equipment items the warranty period is ONE (1) year, unless otherwise specified. For all other items the warranty will be specified in the attached description. For antique tubes the warranty period is SIXTY (60) days, with the exclusion of filament breaks. The guarantee changes from product to product: For the electronic devices what to amplifiers example the usual guarantee is of 3 years where not differently specified. For the antique devices and Vintage Hi-Fi the guarantee is of 1 year where not differently specified. For all the other items look at the enclosed description. For the antique tubes the guarantee is of 60 days with the exclusion of the break of the filament.

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